Feeding your Rottweiler

feeding rottweiler
The first and most important thing that contributes to your Rottweilers health is the food that you feed him or her.

Depending on the age of the Rottweiler, they need a certain amount of meat and nutrients to keep a balanced and nutritious diet.You can choose to feed them food from the store or you can make your own if you have the time.

Learn how to read the labels on the dog food before you purchase one.

It's important that the source of protein, whether it be chicken, lamb or beef, is the first ingredient listed on the label.

If your Rottweiler has allergies to certain things, that's something else you need to keep an eye out for.

The information on the bag should tell you how much to feed them and how often. If your Rottweiler needs to lose a little weight, you can find specialized diets for the Rottweiler breed. This is usually some sort of low calorie food.

Don't ever resort to "free feeding" your dog since this can lead to obesity which can lead to other serious health issues. They need to be on a eating schedule just like we are! I feed my dogs twice a day with occasional treats that I make myself. Carrots also make great treats for your dogs and that's a healthy option.

A GENERAL guide to feeding Rottweilers dry dog food.

 "Growth" meaning a puppy/lactation formula of a high quality brand 28% protein and 18% fat. 
"Adult" meaning a normal maintainence formula of a high quality brand 24-27% protein and 14-16% fat If feeding a raw patty style(meat mix) homemade diet: