Chopper saves a man’s life

When her two-year old Rottweiler wouldn’t stop barking, Blaine resident Tiffany Moore knew something was wrong.

Moore said her dog, Chopper, was barking and woke her up around a quarter to midnight June 12. She had the windows open because the weather was nice, and she thought the dog was barking because her neighbors were making noise.
She went downstairs and told him to be quiet. Even after she closed the windows, Chopper continued to bark and hit his head against her bedroom door.
Blaine resident Daniel Gill pictured with Chopper
 a two-year-old Rottweiler who helped save his life.

Gill was hit by a car and landed in Blaine resident Tiffany
 Moore’s driveway on 132nd Lane. Chopper woke
 Moore up and she assisted Gill and the driver.
“I know my dog pretty well and I knew something was wrong,” Moore said.
Moore couldn’t see anything out of the window because her neighborhood is dark, so she put on her slippers and stepped outside. She found a man laying in her driveway and another man standing by a car.
“He was apologizing and in complete shock,” Moore said.
Moore lives on 132nd Lane in Blaine. The 18-year-old driver had been driving home from a soccer event and had hit 24-year-old Daniel Gill, who had landed in her driveway.
Gill had been walking his dog when the driver rounded a corner and hit both of them.
Moore said the force was so hard Gill had been pushed out of his shoes. Gill didn’t have a cell phone on him and was very disoriented.
According to Moore, Chopper frequently jumps onto a couch under a window in her home to look outside whenever a dog is walking nearby. She believes he saw the whole accident happen.
“If it wasn’t for my dog barking, I don’t know how long those two men would have been there not doing anything and in complete shock,” Moore said.
She brought the two men inside and called 911. Before paramedics arrived, Moore said Chopper stayed by Gill’s side and kept licking his hand, which they later found out was broken. When the paramedics arrived, Chopper was surprisingly calm.
“Whenever anyone comes over Chopper is antsy to see who it is, but when the paramedics came… he wasn’t barking or whining, which is not like him at all,” Moore said.
Gill had a concussion and a broken hand. He had staples placed in his head and he is going to have surgery on his hand. Gill’s dog had a limp but was able to return home.
According to Moore, the police had the driver take a breathalyzer test, but he was not under the influence of anything.
Moore said the event had been an accident.
Gill met with Chopper and Moore’s family on June 24 to thank them.
“Pay attention when your dog is barking because they could be in the process of saving someone’s life,” Moore said.