Rottweiler Grooming - The Bath

Unless your Rottie is playing in the mud on a daily basis, or rolling in stuff that smells none too good, then he really doesn't need to be bathed too often.

Also, his sensitive skin is prone to becoming over-dry, and when it comes to Rottweiler grooming it's important to use only very gentle and moisturizing shampoo.

While your Rottweiler is a puppy you will be able to bathe him in the tub quite effectively, but once he weighs closer to 80lbs than 8lbs, it won't be quite so straightforward. Because of that, if you have a walk-in shower it may be a good idea to get him used to being showered rather than dunked in the tub (I speak from experience!).

Either way, just make sure the bottom of the tub or shower stall has a non-slip mat to make him feel more secure and prevent injuries, and use water that is warm but not hot. Keep shampoo away from his eyes, excess water out of his ears and make sure he's rinsed and dried thoroughly before getting out of the nice warm bathroom.