Rottweiler - Eye Color & Shape

The color of the eyes should always be as dark as possible, with 1A the best. It is not so much a functionality reason, since the eyes can work either light or dark, but an all important type trait. As the eye color gets lighter it softens the appearance of the gaze, diminishing the fearlessness of Rottweiler expression.

(Shapes and Placement of Eyes - Read this for the colors )

Another factor in striving to keep the eye color dark is it's difficulty maintaining it once light eyes are introduced into the blood line. Interestingly, the German eye chart allows a range of 1A-5B, however, to be more precise one can often observe shades of eye color in 
between these numbers. Therefore half shades are also possible. Example 1 A 1/2, 2 B 1/2, etc.

Thee shape of the eye should always be almond with tight fitting lids. Round eyes are a fault. Hairless lids are a fault and an indication of a problem. The distance of the eyes from each other and their location on the head is also of importance. The eyes should lie at a 10-15 degree angle above the bridge of the nose (see fig ). Best set wide apart. /