Soldier & His Dog Hurt By A Bomb Treated In the same Hospital !!

Photos of Army Spc. Andrew Brown and his dog companion, Rocky, recovering side by side this week after they were injured in Afghanistan have gone viral. 

Brown and his army working dog were hurt by a roadside bomb according to a Facebook post from the 89th Military Police Brigade, based in Fort Hood, Texas. The pair were investigating explosive materials in Helmand Province when the improvised device went off. Rocky was hit with shrapnel and had his leg broken. 

The picture post has been shared on Facebook nearly 100,000 times as of Saturday afternoon. Brown arrived Friday at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., according to the post.
Brown and the dog, Rocky were flown to a hospital in Germany where they were recovering before SPC Brown was airlifted back to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre. A purple heart, handed out to US Armed Forces wounded or killed while serving, was laid on him as a mark of respect.
SPC Brown and Rocky after being treated for injuries they suffered.
This photo of Rocky has been shared more than 130.000 times on Facebook.